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We're building the world's best peer-to-peer (P2P) investment platform for entrepreneurs

Finance needs to be fast, fair and flexible to meet today's demands.

The Challenge

Due to regulatory restrictions post-2008, banks aren't able to lend as much, and non-secured lending is even more difficult. However, the need for financing still remains. Therefore, the market is ripe for disruption, with £2bn transactions per year in UK peer-to-business lending.

The Solution

Crowd2Fund is an online platform for private businesses and investors, offering carefully selected opportunities. Businesses get access to funds at competitive rates, and investors get generous returns on their investments, tax free, through the Innovative Finance ISA.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

Crowd2Fund has recently become approved for the generous government Enterprise Investment Scheme. This means that up to £12m can be invested through this scheme from investors who will then receive a percentage of the investment back from the government.

If you invest £20,000
Potential Relief £6,000
Potential Loss relief £6,675
Your exposure £7,325
*Any returns from the investment are also exempt from capital gains tax. The relief is based on your personal tax rate and eligibility.

We have created consistent, quantifiable success

We've experienced exponential revenue growth for the past 3 years and facilitated more than £33m in investment. We want to continue this growth.

Revenue Growth 2015 - 2018
Total Investors 9,778
Amount invested £33,678,466.40
Total Businesses 3,643
Investment loans 455

We're tapping into a high-growth industry

The UK FinTech market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In 2018, Crowd2Fund achieved £832k in revenue with relatively steady costs.

Projected Revenue Forecast

Next year we aim to facilitate £100m in lending, generating £5.6m in revenue and continuing our exponential growth after our first Series A institutional investment round.

2020 - 2022

We aim to facilitate £3bn in lending by 2022, generating £180m in revenue. This would value the company at £5bn, based on a 28x revenue valuation.

We deliver better returns than our competitors

Our returns are highly competitive. This is how Crowd2Fund compares with other platforms in the peer-to-business lending space:

Comparison: APR after bad debt
Average APR 7.37%
Written off £295,912
Borrower Rate 10.46%
Interest Generated £2,907,638.25

Investors choose the innovative businesses they invest in

They earn an estimated 10.46% APR before fees and bad debt tax-free via the IFISA

We're an FCA regulated platform with compliance at our core

Crowd2Fund is the first platform of its kind to be directly regulated. We work with the FCA to build trust and robust processes, thereby delivering a better service for our clients.

Step 1

Businesses who need funding submit a business proposal to Crowd2Fund.

Step 2

Our Risk and Due Diligence team reviews the proposal against our strict acceptance criteria.

Step 3

Successful businesses are listed; investors pledge the amount they want to invest.

We are also an authorised Innovative Finance ISA manager - with Crowd2Fund, investor returns are tax-free.

We're powered by revolutionary technology

Crowd2Fund is built by some of the world's best designers and engineers, leveraging innovation to challenge incumbent platforms.

The Brains

We're a lean team, building impeccable user experiences with state of the art technology.

The Platform

Fully mobile responsive, working seamlessly on all handsets also with an iOS App.

Simple Integration

A comprehensive API allows integration of other third-party clients and additional compliance services.

Minimising Risk

We maximise the speed of business approval and minimise operational costs with our auto risk assessment tool.

Saving Time

For our time-poor investors, our Smart-Invest feature uses AI and big data analysis to invest on investor's behalf.

Blockchain Enabled

We're becoming Blockchain enabled which offers investors a better and more secure experience whilst future proofing the platform.

We're proud of our 
exceptional team and advisors

Led by experienced digital finance, investment, and marketing people, Crowd2Fund is a committed team of 12 employees in London and Bucharest.

Chris Hancock
Nicky Pace
Managing Director
John Daniel
Strategic Finance Director
Rob Older
Content Director
Liviu Dragulin
Director of Tech Ops
Mike Boehm
Tech Development
Hannah Colgan
Senior Risk Analyst
Russell Tolley
Commercial Director
Hamish Chreseson
Risk Analyst
Caroline Gill
Marketing Manager
Jen Garcia
International Project Manager

Our advisors

Katherine Atkin
Nigel Webber
Michael Fischer

Own the future of finance: invest in Crowd2Fund

In line with our ethos, we are releasing £2m of shares for private investors, due to the success of our funding round last year and to realise our future potential.

The opportunity

For the first time, the opportunity is offered to non-Crowd2Fund users. All eligible shares will be transferable on the Exchange in the future as the business grows.

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Investment forecast

Crowd2Fund has 125 private owners; we want to grow this to 450. Based on projected growth post-investment, our target valuation could be between £3bn to £6bn over the longer term.

We forecast between 10x - 20x return on your investment within 5 - 10 years.

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Crowd2Fund is one of 10 companies selected by the Department for International Trade to be on a highly prestigious international FinTech programme which is to facilitate cross border trade in the FinTech sector between Australia and the United Kingdom. At this time we are actively setting up in Australia.

More information

Crowd2Fund is a keen supporter of the GFIN. A new global trade hub specifically for FinTech focused on facilitating cross jurisdiction FinTech transactions. We plan to expand internationally across this network and are keenly watching for the alignment of regulations which will make it much easier to penetrate international markets.

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We give businesses more when they borrow from us

We provide access to a community of engaged investors who act as brand advocates, driving sales across local and global markets.

Investment opportunity

Due to the success of last years investment round we are releasing a further £2,000,000 of equity which will be available at £35,000,000 pre-money valuation. Eligible shares will be tradable on the Exchange as the valuation increases over the longer term. An investment will mean you don’t pay fees when lending through the platform and you’ll receive other great perks. We would be delighted if you wanted to join us on the Crowd2Fund journey.

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Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Tax treatment of any of the investment offers will depend on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in the future. Remember, your actual return may be higher or lower as your capital is at risk.